Peru restaurant

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PERU restaurant
We're a young company devoted to the provision of restaurant services, in international food, national and special care in offering typical food of the region as Chiriuchu, Cuy baked, Lechon, Rocoto, permil and others for this , we have a group of highly trained professionals.
Peru Restaurant Sumaq
Likewise, the restaurant Sumaq is committed to promote the folklore and the region of Cusco, so every Saturday organizes the live performance of different artists from our region.
 The area in South America known today as Peru was once part of the great Inca Empire as were parts of Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.
Peru Restaurant
The food of the Inca's was based on very simple fare indeed. Maize (corn) and potaoes were then as now the staple food. As a matter of historical fact; it was the Incas who invented the freeze dried potato right there in the heights of the Andes where the combination of extreme cold bright unobstructed sunlight and rair air makes the process possible. Peru Restaurant
History lesson aside; Peru now has one of the most varied native cuisine in South America.

Peru Restaurant Typical Peruvian
 dishes are;

CEVICHE; fish marinated in a mixture of lemon & lime juice and spices with chopped tomatoes and chilis ANTICUCHOS; marinated grilled beef heart.
OCOPA or boiled potatoes in a seasoned sauce of cheese and nuts, AJI DE GALLINA: shredded chicken in a spiced milk sauce. PAPA RELLENA; meat-stuffed potato patties.
You will find these and many more delightful menu items at
Peru Restaurant  Special Offers Sumaq
1.- Plato Sumaq (con 1/2 cuy, Qapchi de zetas, rocoto relleno, pollo al horno, medallón de alpaca y choclo)
2.- Cuy al Horno (con rocoto, tallarin, papa y tullan ) S/. 30.00 y S/. 35.00
3.-Lechon (Con Tamal, moraya y rocoto) S/. 22.00
4.- Trucha a la Plancha (con arros, papas fritas o doradas) S/. 17.00
5.- Chicharon (con papa dorada y mote) S/. 18.00
6.- Pollo al Horno (con tallarin, papas, y ensaladas) S/. 15.00
7.- Pollo Imperial (con soltero cusqueño y papa huancaina) S/. 15.00
8.- Permil al Horno (con pastel de tallarin, papa y rocoto) S/. 20.00
9.- Milaneza de Pollo (con papas doradas) S/. 18.00
10.- Sufle de Rocoto S/. 10.00
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